Natalie Brooks
Artist Statement...

Humans have kept animals throughout history for food, clothing and companionship and have claimed their habitats without guilt. Animals become dependant on humans as a result. Domesticity, compliance and an awkward symbiosis then occurs.

It is this fractured, complicated relationship that compels me to create art, particularly the one between horses and their handlers. The struggle between the human need for the horse, and the instincts that the horse cannot ignore fascinates me. I also believe that when trust is allowed to flourish in this relationship, an appreciation for the horse’s personality and humour will inevitably develop. I feel that this is really worth capturing.

I believe that materials and the processes employed in the making of an object are important. I love the idea of using materials that can convey a concept and add a new dimension to a sculptural piece. Using traditional craft techniques with a fine art concept is something that I want to continue to develop through my work.