Natalie Brooks

Natalie is available for 3D commissions and selected 2D commissions.

Natalie’s sculptural work is set on a reclaimed wooden base and the main body of the horse is made from needle-felted wool over a wire armature.

Natalie is able to position the horse in virtually any pose, but does need a good set of photos to work from. Ideally, she will need a photograph from each side, from the front and back as a minimum. If the horse has any distinctive markings, then pictures showing these in detail are really helpful.

Commissioned sculptures take around three weeks to complete dependant upon demand. If there is a waiting list, Natalie will make this clear during your initial discussion with her. When complete, all sculptures will be sent in recycled packaging by special delivery, or alternatively, you are welcome to arrange to pick your sculpture up from Natalie’s studio in the West Midlands.

Prices vary dependant upon size and complexity, but as a guide, a sculpture not exceeding 12.5” in height and 13” in length in a dynamic pose such as Eric, (pictured) would start at £175.

Natalie’s animal of choice is the horse, but she is happy to discuss other animal commissions.
Please use the contact form to speak to Natalie directly with any commission enquiries.