Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year!

I would also like to wish a very happy and prosperous 2016 to those people who have supported me. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a year for continued success and hard work.

Incidentally, one of my resolutions was to update this blog a bit more often, although I have written a bit on Facebook and Twitter, I think that the blog page is a tool that has been underused in my practice… we will see how that goes!

As some of you may have realised through social media posts, my work is available to purchase through Naissance De, a lovely makers collective and gift shop based in Drury Lane, just off Mell Square in Solihull. This is my first venture onto the high street and I think so far, it is going well.

Nip over to their Facebook page and give them a like if you have 5 minutes… all new ventures deserve some support! And if you are fairly local, keep a look out, as the shop will be hosting workshops in everything from making corsages, fascinators and even up-cycling furniture.


They will also be hosting pop up exhibitions from local artists, including myself (but more about that soon… I need an excuse to post another blog post!)


I would also like to mention that my commission book is now open, so if you fancy having a “mini-me” of your horse, or would like to have one made for a friend, drop me an email through the contact page or get in touch on Facebook.

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