And Now for Something Completely Different...
- (Added 29. Jan. 2015 - 13:00)

I have started to work on a new sculpture series, partly because I was missing the sight of materials being strewn around the bottom of pedestals and partly because I had a bit of a need to; but I also have had a question in my head since college:

"When does craft become art and art become craft?"

I know this has been explored by some artists previously and the idea of kitsch is something that often comes up in contemporary pieces, but really, how can one technique of making be seen as a lesser form than another?

As far as I am concerned, the process is part of the art, and should be thought through, why you use what you use is as important as the piece you create.

I have been working on a set of wool sculptures with this in mind. I liked the idea of needle felt, an ancient technique used for making toys and clothing. I love the way you start with such a flexible, tactile material in the raw wool and through constant manipulation it is turned into something solid and firm. I thought that this reflected well in how the horse is viewed and used by people. We are constantly working, moulding and manipulating the horse to create the "perfect" animal for our needs. It is a constant manipulation of a natural thing

So although the technique for these sculptures is seen as a "Craft" I would like to think that I chose the technique not for the appearance or image of it, but because it was relevant and it felt right for what I wanted to convey.

There are currently two sculptures, with more on the way in the Wool Sculpture gallery.

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