"Tawny Owl" selected for the Art Yard All Media Open
- (Added 1. May. 2017 - 14:10)

The All Media Open will run from 5th May-4th June at The Art Yard, Reddal Road, Cradley Heath, West MIdlands.

The Art Yard is a cracking little gallery run by two artists. They run some fab classes and are well worth being on any West Midlands Artist's radar.

the piece selected us "Tawny Owl" a venture away from my usual subject matter. I have really enjoyed the change and I have been recently thinking about expanding my work to include more British wildlife. I feel that there is an awkward sybiosis at the proximity of urban wildlife to the human day-to-day life. by making guys like this owl and others and proposing to just pop them into indoor spaces really does play on the idea of how in each others pockets we really are. is it a good thing? This is something that I need to begin to explore....


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