Shiney New Gallery and Introducing the Personality Series
- (Added 5. Nov. 2014 - 09:11)

I have been away from the computer for a while, busy working on two related projects. It is safe to say that i have been wrestling with doubt for the last two years, and though doubt is essential for an artist to work it can really knock you about..... I have yet again come back to the horse as a subject, something that I just cannot leave alone, but i want to look at this from a slightly different perspective.

The horse is always viewed as a powerful, beautiful and humble animal that work for us without question, however, I have been around horses since I was 7 years old and want to show the side of them that I know. They are indeed powerful and beautiful animals, but they are also funny, a friend to their humans and have such a huge capacity for trust and are so willing to bend to a humans will that I think this needs to be explored and appreciated.

I have uploaded the first finished pieces of work from the "Personality Series"
which you can find a direct link to here

Enjoy this first set of work going in this direction, there are many more to follow... i will also be talking more about the upcoming "Trust Series" and a brand new direction for my sculptural work shortly.


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