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Today has been a poignant day for me as it has been a year since I had to make the difficult decision to put my old horse Owly out of his suffering.

It is safe to say that Owly has been my artistic muse for a long time and he was my model for the cling film sculpture "Not Your Decision".

I am still using his image a lot in my work as his impact on me and my understanding of horses was massive. I have a lot of material such as photographs, sketches and memories that are still inspiring me to create. In his own way he taught me so much and it would be impossible for me to not include him in the "Personality Series" as he had one of the biggest personalities I have ever known.

Here is an Owly Painting I am currently working on is called "Instigation"

This one of course, will be part of the "Personality Series" 

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