- (Added 22. Jun. 2012 - 14:07)

I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone that came to see the degree show and to the tutors and staff for all of their help. The atmosphere was amazing and I spoke to some very interesting people.

The work was well received, the show ran smoothly and I hope that everyone who came to view it enjoyed it as much as we did.

Although to some it may feel like the end, it is in fact just the start. I am leaving HCA with a head buzzing with ideas, and I know that I will be meeting up and talking art with the amazing people I have studied with for the last three years on a regular basis. I am very fortunate to have studied with some amazingly insightful, imaginative and talented people. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the graduation ceremony next month (and of course, to picking up my award!).

Here is to the start of a brand new phase, I will be regularly updating this blog section and adding new work to the main site. I will be taking any opportunity and will start getting more work out there in the near future.

So keep an eye on the website for further updates on how my work progresses and for pictures of new works. If you saw my work at the show and want an art based chat then don't hesitate to use the contact sheet to speak to me by email.

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